Adler Notepad

Adler Notepad

This is a great and low-cost note taking app for Android that I really enjoyed using. It's simple and clean UI is easy to use with support for labels, easy reminders, and many filtering options. It's fast and has speech-to-text, audio recording capabilities and you can add an image or a photo. You can sync to Google Drive or Dropbox although I didn't try that. On the downside there's limited sharing options, no export, and you can only add one image to a note.


I sent this review to the Developer six months ago and never received a response. Some of the reviews on Play Store mentioned the Developer does not respond to the reviews.

Something I found odd is that the name of the app inside Settings is "Alder Notes" but in the app header and Play store it's called "Notepad".

In a previous version, a preview of the attached image was displayed on the main screen but that seems to be gone in this version. It's something I had under "Amazing" list as I really liked that, similar to what Google Keep does. The 3rd screenshot is the old one I took in Aug 2021 showing the image on a note.

My rating was 9/10 before but given the lack of export options and limitation of one image per note I reduced the score to 8/10. Even though the "Bad" section of the review seems long, most are nit-picky things.

If you have some extra time, click on the link to the Developer's "Location" to see what a pretty spot they are in. I spent 10 minutes "driving around" in Street View with my morning coffee and wish I had VR goggles! I added Wroclaw to my "places to see" note file in Obsidian :)




  • Using the back arrow "Quit without saving?" and then having to click no and then click checkmark to save the note is a pain. It should either save the note automatically or maybe have the dialog say "Save changes?" with a Yes or No
  • No export to PDF, image, Markdown, HTML, or text
  • Can only have one image per note


  • Adding a note defaults input to the body not the title
  • Sharing seems limited to a subset of my apps i.e. not Signal or Messages
  • Sharing via email should put the note title as subject line
  • I wish the star was yellow or some color other than grey to be more obvious the note was starred
  • Filtering by color is cool but I couldn't easily un-filter, had to go to the menu and click "All Notes"
  • Does not support Markdown
  • No search within a note which could be OK if you only have short notes
  • No linking between notes, again OK if you only use it for quick atomic notes on the go


  • $6.77 is cheap for this level of quality
  • Fast search across notes
  • Nice panel list of notes
  • Simple starred or not
  • Simple reminder settings: today, tomorrow, next week, pick a date
  • Colors, but I don't really like the choices, wish they were pastels
  • Can copy item with media
  • Checklists are separate types from text notes which is OK but I would also like to be able to add or embed them in a note
  • Manual backup and restore
  • Sync to Google Drive or Dropbox but not sure what sync means, needs tips or help
  • Sharing via email is good as it attaches images to the email
  • Widgets: a nice and simple one to quickly add notes and one for a specific note are good. The 3rd "all notes" widget is not useful
  • Sort by date created, modified, alphabetically or by reminder date (ascending or descending)
  • Make a copy of a note


  • Simple UI from the start, nice clean list of choices when adding. Simple check-mark to save. Sidebar hidden and useful
  • Attach photo quickly and at the top
  • Favorite notes can be shown at the top of the list
  • Labels
  • Has a trash for deleted notes


  • No ads for the first hour I used it, not clear why or when the ad shows up, maybe give a forewarning?
  • Text to speech note with Google is awesome. Let me do that inside a note :)
  • Filter by color, by notes with audio or photo attachment, or by by notes with reminder