Back in 15 minutes

I'm going to skip working on the app review and break my 59-week trend of sending one out each Saturday.

It's been an odd past 5 weeks starting with losing my job of 10 years in mid-Sep. I've been busy closing off with the company, visiting my 4 sisters, networking, and job searching. Luckily I have an incredible family and network supporting me so all will work out.

During this time I've also had a few minor health issues starting with a crown on my tooth coming off, a two-week cold that turned into a sinus infection, and a bad fall last week.

About half an hour after sending out last week's app review, I fell on my face on a sidewalk in some freak accident that would've been a great TikTok video had it been captured. I ended up going to emerg and after a 4-hour wait, they put a few stitches in my lower lip. My family doctor assessed me with a mild concussion later in the week.

I've tried to stay offline, listened to Originals by Adam Grant, and avoided using screens. The upside is I've taken a lot of paper-based notes and have drawn up a couple of mental models from the book. Can't wait to digitize them with Excalidraw!

For any Obsidian users out there, I started writing some articles on Medium a couple of weeks ago:

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