Calldorado Notes

Calldorado Notes

A very basic note taking app with a focus on phone calls and geo-location which could be useful for a traveling salesperson or such. It looks to have been acquired by AppsBuyout and put under their Calldorado brand. There are so many screens to get through when the app is first launched when all I wanted to do was take a note. In the end I was happy to uninstall the app as I don't like being tracked.




  • Ads
  • Looks to be a clone of Notepad by Sappalodapps Development
  • So many screens at the beginning to get started
  • Only allowed for personal use
  • They use 10 ad partners and other third party trackers


  • Enabling all those things (access to phone, access to contacts, access to location ) up front when I don't want to
  • Asks to rate the app after I create my first note, ugh
  • Included the note title twice when I shared it via SMS
  • No text formatting
  • No image attachments
  • No audio recording
  • No checkboxes
  • Location is cut off in note list, only shows half-the width of the screen


  • Fast UI
  • Nice title font size and bold
  • Hit enter from title and goes to body
  • Undo and redo
  • Checklists (separate from notes)
  • Share text version via SMS, email etc.
  • Backup notes to Google Drive
  • Restore notes
  • Add a contact to a note, first time I've seen this
  • 28 color themes (costs $2.47 to unlock them)
  • Dark mode (under "Call Information Settings" which is odd)


  • Add geo-location to a note (great if you need it)
  • Location based reminder
  • Take notes on calls: missed call, completed call, no answer
  • Option to "delete your content and data"


  • Nothing