Carnet v0.24.1 Scores 6/10

Carnet v0.24.1 Scores 6/10

Carnet is a fairly good open-source app although has some usability items to be addressed. It has enough text formatting options and Nextcloud integration which is great. I sent them a bug report Sep 18 and more than two months later I haven't heard back #fail



  • Delete a note and they all disappeared until relaunch app- got an error uncaught exception
  • Note title is small font and indented, looks odd. It should be at least bold and left aligned with the note text
  • After printing it should close the print dialog window


  • "Exit" button should be "Save" as it makes me think: will it save or exit and not save?
  • Can only select 1 image to attach at a time?
  • Sliding toolbar is annoying, was cute the first time but after that not necessary
  • Note color only changes the color in the note list not when editing the note (this could also be considered a good thing)
  • More options brings up dialog instead of having the options right in the menu
  • No undo / redo
  • Audio recording is clumsy: click record, then allow recording, then click record again. When done you have to click stop and then "OK", clicking "OK" should stop and save and close the dialog


  • Nice default font and font size
  • Checklist, not inline but good that it's at the bottom
  • Attach image
  • Attach audio recording
  • Print with options: include title, modification date, creation date
  • Line spacing
  • Highlighting in many colors
  • Import from Carnet archive
  • Formatting: bold, italics, underline, oodles of colors


  • Free!
  • Star an item with 1 to 5 stars
  • Import from Google Keep (after you export from Google Keep)
  • Desktop versions for Linux and MacOS


  • Open Source
  • App for Nextcloud!