Dynalist v1.4.15 scores 8/10

Dynalist v1.4.15 scores 8/10

My sister told me about this app years ago and I wish I had tried it because it's simply amazing and was developed in Canada by two University of Waterloo grads. On the downside you have to signup and the cost is expensive if you upgrade. That said the free version includes a ton of great functionality including markdown, outlining, collapsible bullets, inline checklists, linking to other notes, exporting to OPML, and version history. Subscribe to read the full review!



  • Have to signup, no local only usage although privacy policy says
"Unregistered users may still be able to use certain Dynalist services"
  • Doesn't state that my notes are encrypted and
"your personal information or content stored in our service, but it may be viewed if we learn that our Terms of Service may have been violated"
  • Expensive USD $9.99 monthly or $8.99 per month if you signup for a year
  • Need to subscribe to attach images
  • Pro users can upload 1 GB of files each month. Each file can be at most 50 MB.


  • Tag pane is an upgrade
  • No audio recording
  • No numbered lists (in mobile app from what I can see)
  • No export to PDF
  • No formatting buttons
  • Would be good to have WebDAV support (for Nextcloud integration)


  • Bullets
  • Export text
  • Dark mode
  • Text formatting:  bold, italics, strikethrough, highlight, code but no underline
  • Themes (Sci-Fi, Light, Gold, Christmas, Sepia, Sakura)
  • Density (compact, comfortable, dense)
  • Images Inline (upgrade $)
  • Bookmark note
  • Backup and restore to Google Drive or Dropbox (upgrade $)
  • 10 fonts and 3 font sizes
  • Undo and redo
  • Read only
  • #tags
"You own your data. Period."


  • Markdown support
  • Collapse bullets
  • Move bullets up / down, sweet!
  • Export formatted
  • Works well in mobile browsers
  • Inline checklists! But why do I still need a bullet?
  • Insert date (2021-09-24)
  • Google Calendar Integration (upgrade $)
  • Recurring dates (upgrade $)
  • Customize mobile toolbar (upgrade $)


  • Nested bullets and + to see just that section
  • link to other items even at bullet level
  • Custom CSS (upgrade $)
  • Export as OPML
  • Version history (upgrade $)
  • Colored bullet with 6 colors