e-Notty is a fairly good note taking app, supports several themes and has a lot of the necessary features. You can quickly create new notes with the Android widget, link notes together, create a note with your voice (aka speech-to-text), and have a note read to you (aka text-to-speech).

I tested a previous version of the app and the developer has since addressed a few items. It's not the top of the heap as far as note apps go but it's still pretty good.



  • Switch to advanced editor removed all my newlines ugh
  • Privacy policy links to alarm clock privacy policy
  • Note previews in grid view are too small to be useful
  • In the note list the "Create" (should be created) and "Last change" take up top much real estate in the note list
  • Would prefer the save button to be on the bottom toolbar to the right where my thumb is :) same for undo (and redo when added) and same for speech to text microphone icon
  • Grammatical errors throughout the app and in the sample notes


  • The default font size is too big but good that it can be changed
  • "All fil... " label to the left of the folder icon is not readable
  • No redo but does have it in the experimental editor
  • No formatting but does have it in the experimental editor
  • No bullets but does have it in the experimental editor
  • Image thumbnail is too small (in the previous app it was too big)
  • In the note list it doesn't have a thumbnail of the image attached, just some odd icon that you can change
  • Export does not include attachments
  • If I add a link to another note, I have to give a name for it. It should just use the title of the note and not prompt for a name
  • If I open the menu ":" while editing a note and then click the note text, it should hide the menu. I have to manually go back up and click ":" to close it ugh
  • The menu is too wide, should capitalize the first letter of every menu item and left align their text (not center align)
  • Checklist UI is awkward
  • Speech to text should inject the text where I have my cursor, no need to prompt me to put in title or note


  • Password protected folders
  • Undo
  • Import from text file
  • Export to text file
  • Notifications
  • Checklists but they're different items, not inside notes
  • Option to Save notes on device
  • Audio recording


  • It can read the note to you (text to speech)
  • Password on specific folder
  • Themes


  • Link to other notes
  • Speech to text
  • Fast note widget!
  • The widget to see the folders and notes is so cool, love it