jtx Board

jtx Board is an Open-Source, standards-based app with calendar integration, Markdown-based notes, and tasks.

jtx Board

jtx Board is an Open-Source, standards-based app with calendar integration, Markdown-based notes, and tasks. It's OK for short notes but a bit awkward for longer notes. jtx could be great for meetings with its calendar integration and support for attendees, location, and tasks. Supports VJournal which I don't know much about, but I intend to research. I expect students could benefit from it.



“More than a decade after the finalization of RFC-5545 there is finally a beautiful and clear app that supports the VJournal component for journals and notes :-)” - Thomas Frank - [1]
DAVx5 has had a collaboration with jtx Board to bring that to [life] and thus you can synchronize it via CalDAV with your own server, which is super nice - so all the data stays where you decide it should. - [4]


  1. jtx.techbee.at
  2. Google Play
  3. u/devvv4ever - reddit
  4. Announcement on Twitter by DAVx⁵



  • Fastmail and Gmail couldn't open up the .ics file that I shared from the app


  • Bullets aren't added when I press enter on the existing bullet, have to manually type "- " for each bullet :(
  • In Kanban View of notes, you cannot see the "Planned" queue as the app swipes to the next function (tasks)
  • Status of note defaults to final, would be good to have an option to default it to draft
  • No #tags in notes
  • No WYSIWYG editing
  • Too much "chrome" around the note when editing
  • Wish it could go full screen i.e. remove the blue frame around the note text
  • Share via email puts note title in the subject line (good) and the body (bad)
  • Menu item to delete all visible notes, dangerous as I could accidentally do that. I would hide that and make it an optional feature
  • Everything slides in from the right, was cute at first but became annoying and adds a perceived sluggishness to the UI


  • A simple UI
  • Colour code notes
  • Grid, list, and compact list of notes
  • Order by date created, modified, alphabetically
  • Tags on notes
  • Share via email, includes the title in the subject line
  • Works offline
  • Add a separate related URL to a note
  • Duplicate a note
  • iCal export
  • 8 languages supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, and Chinese


  • Markdown support
  • Greys out the markdown tags so it's easier to read, smart!
  • Add a contact to a note (owner of the note)
  • Quick add dialog
  • Status on a note: draft, final, cancelled
  • Attach audio recording
  • Attach files
  • Attach images
  • Confidential, public, and private visibility flag per note
  • Add geo-location to a note and view it on Google Maps
  • Collections of items
  • Sync using DavX5 to Fastmail, Nextcloud, or other
  • Add comments on a note
  • Filter by category, classification, category


  • Open-Source
  • Local and/or remote collections of notes and tasks
  • Standards-based CalDAV and CardDAV
  • Create subtasks on a note, first I've seen this!
  • A progress bar on subtasks: I'm in love
  • Can check off subtasks right from the note list
  • Kanban view of notes list out of the box

So, is jtx Board the best?

In the end, jtx Board is not the best Android note-taking app but it is very good and it deserves a lot more downloads than the 1,000+ it has on Google Play. It is Open-Source, standards based, supports Markdown, and attachments. Pretty much all of the key requirements on my list.

Until next week, have a great note-taking weekend and a good week!