Keep Notes v3.1.0 scores 5/10

Keep Notes v3.1.0 scores 5/10

Good for taking quick text notes and OCR'ng a page of text. It has a couple of nice features like filtering notes by color, reading (speech-to-text) your note back to you, and locking individual notes with fingerprint. This app is not for serious note takers but ok for casual note taking.



  • Text to speech worked a couple of times and then stopped working


  • No attachments
  • No audio recording
  • Only one setting: font size


  • Fast
  • Colors (purple yeah!)
  • Card or grid or list in main screen
  • Can change font size
  • Shows date and time note was last modified


  • Text to speech
  • Search by color of note!
  • Lock individual note with device fingerprint


  • OCR from photo into a new note (I thought it was going to create a note with a photo)