Mind Notes

Mind Notes is a #fail but could be one of the best note-taking apps if they fixed the bugs, implemented autocorrect, and removed annoying upgrade dialogs

Mind Notes

Mind Notes has the potential to be a very good note-taking app if the Developer fixed the major editor bugs, implemented autocorrect, removed the extremely annoying upgrade dialogs every few clicks, and added Markdown support.

I give it a failing score because a note-taking app must have a bug-free editor and should let you use it without interruption for at least a day or two before encouraging an app review or asking you to upgrade.

A seemingly minor issue but the app added an item to the Notifications bar without asking me and I found that presumptuous. That area in the Android user interface is prime real estate so I understand why they want to squat there. I actually like the feature! I was just surprised that it was automatically added.

I have not heard back from the Developer as yet which is disappointing. Something odd in Google Play the tagline for the app is different than the purpose of the app.

QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes

There are just too many things that make me question this app. I'm hoping they can turn me from a demoter into a promoter at some point but for now, I've uninstalled the app.

Below are a couple of screenshots, a list of features, and feedback on the app.


The UI (1st screenshot) looks good but the editor bugs (2nd screenshot) pained me so.


  • Score: 4/10
  • Google Play rating: 4.6*
  • Version: (last week)
  • Version: (2022-11-10) - good that it was updated
  • Google Play
  • Privacy Policy
  • Web site
  • Location: Sanpo Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


  • $3.59/mo
  • $19.99/yr "50% off"
  • $39.99/lifetime "50% off"


  • The editor is extremely buggy
  • Sluggish when typing each character, very bad for a note-taking app
  • Bullets disappeared and I had to re-apply them!


  • Out of the gate, it asked for a rating of the app when I hadn't even used it yet
  • You start using a feature that seems to be allowing you to use it and then, boom: dialog to upgrade comes up OMG!
  • Autocorrect doesn't work


  • No inline checklists, its all a checklist or not
  • Can't find the names of the people who built it
  • Too many themes with images, would never use those
  • Ads
  • No Markdown support
  • Can't assign alternate text for a hyperlink
  • Can't check a checklist item from the note list
  • The permanent placement in the Android toolbar should be off by default or at least ask me
  • Can't specify where images go, they are added to Internal Storage / Downloads
  • Share as text removes the bullets
  • No tags


  • Nice UI design
  • Text formatting: bold, italics, underline
  • Toolbar
  • Undo and redo
  • Attach image
  • Hyperlinks
  • Checklists (see Bad)
  • Archive a note (see Bad)
  • Nice font
  • Bullets (see Horrible)
  • Numbered / unordered list
  • Pin a note
  • Add a note to the home screen
  • 6 Text highlight colours
  • 6 text colours
  • 9 font sizes from 14 to 48
  • 23 themes
  • Dark mode
  • 107 background colours and images for each note
  • Sharing to email puts the title in the subject line
  • Categories
  • 8 date formats (shouldn't it follow the Android localization settings?)
  • Sort by modification date
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Select multiple notes and move them


  • Quick add feature
  • Sync to Google Cloud
  • Attach audio recording
  • Backup and restore to Google
  • Backup and restore to local
  • Sketch
  • Filter by notes with attachments, to-dos
  • 8 widgets
  • Reminders (Pro)
  • Grid view or list view of notes
  • Can choose a different background for each note
  • Image editing (Pro)
  • Lock a note with a password (Pro)
  • Lock the app with a password (Pro)
  • Lock app with fingerprint (Pro)
  • Image preview in the note list
  • Export to image
  • 27 languages supported


  • Reasonable lifetime price of CAD 39.99 (50% off)
  • A calendar view with the ability to show notes for specific days with the image thumbnail, love this!
  • Export to PDF
  • A handy toolbar in Android notifications to add a note (see Bad)