neutriNote is a great open-source and free note taking app that supports Markdown, export to PDF or HTML or Markdown, backup and restore, inline images, location, and more! The UI isn't as fancy as some other apps and there's no WYSIWYG editing but this is definitely a top-tier app with some great features.


Meta data


  • No toolbar item to help with linking notes, need to type the link out
  • Note list is fugly


  • No WYSIWYG editing
  • No audio recording
  • Insert location didn't work at first, gave "network not found" error but should provide option to enable location or just tell me location is not enabled
  • No card view in note list


  • Fast
  • Text formatting: bold, italic, strikethrough
  • Dark mode
  • 12 font faces
  • 9 font sizes
  • Adjust the margin size: 3 settings
  • Export to HTML
  • Print note
  • Undo and redo
  • Preview mode
  • Insert location
  • Insert date and time
  • Sort by title or date
  • Share via email
  • User guide


  • Markdown support
  • Backup and restore
  • Full screen mode
  • Export to Markdown
  • Export to PDF
  • Add metadata
  • Metadata shows up in note list
  • Insert textual sketch
  • Inline images
  • Advanced search
  • Custom filters
  • Clear location data


  • Open source
  • Filter notes by modified date, accessed since, modified nearby
  • Revert to last version
  • Free!
  • No ads
  • Link notes
  • Re-size text with pinch and zoom!