Nextcloud Notes v3.2.5 scores 7/10

Nextcloud Notes v3.2.5 scores 7/10

Nextcloud Notes is a fairly complete Open Source app with text formatting, inline checklists, hyperlinks, and tables using Markdown. It requires a Nextcloud server to work and is a little sluggish to start up. Best part is it's free! Subscribe to read the complete review.



  • No attaching images
  • No inline audio recording
  • No editing without seeing markdown
  • Deleted notes launches Web UI
  • Requires a Nextcloud server
  • Sluggish to start up
  • If you start a search while it's still loading the search field clears and you have to type the search criteria again


  • No text highlighting
  • No export to PDF
  • Need to learn Markdown
  • No share as formatted text
  • Searching for a word messed up the view of the note (only happened once)
  • Notes are not encrypted at rest (I don't think many of these apps do that and it's a tradeoff to having text files you can edit in any app)


  • Documentation
  • Sort note list by alphabetical or date (modified?)
  • Stores all contents as .md or .txt files (see Bad re. encryption)
  • Undo and redo
  • Formatting menu is an overlay when you select text
  • Categories
  • Dark theme
  • Markdown support
  • 3 widgets: add note (brings up app with new note screen), folder (scroll-able list of notes), specific note (view note from home screen)
  • Favorite a note. Can favorite a note right from the note list/grid
  • Inline checklist [ ] [x]
  • Share as Markdown
  • Pin to home screen
  • Text formatting: Bold, italic, Strikethrough, code
  • Hyperlinks NextCloud Notes
  • Tightly integrated with Nextcloud server
  • Search in note with nice search up and down buttons
  • Web UI and app sync takes about 7 seconds



  • Open Source
  • Tables! but you need to learn the Markdown