Notepad by Paraga

Notepad by Paraga

Two reviews in one weekend? I got COVID on Friday and since then watched way too much Netflix. I finally got some energy to write up this review. Not a great app but I must try them all so here you are!

Notepad is a basic note taking app with an identity change in progress which confused me. On the plus side it has 12 nice note colors, a fast and clean UI, and Dropbox integration. On the down side it has no text formatting, really annoying ads right at the start, and costs $7.33 CAD to remove the ads.




  • Ads right out of the gate at bottom of note
  • Made this note (white on purple) a widget and it was almost unreadable as a widget


  • No formatting
  • Play Store is Paraga Technology but Web site is Angkora Apps (old name)
  • In Play Store app is called Simple Notes but inside the app it's Notepad
  • Asked for a rating way too early
  • Showed a full screen ad too early
  • No audio recording
  • No image attachments
  • No inline checklist
  • No redo


  • 12 note colors, nice ones
  • Clean and fast UI
  • Nice default font and size
  • Star a note
  • Checklists
  • Grid or list view of notes
  • Can see date created and modified in info dialog
  • There's a revert, is that undo? weird popup for revert which wouldn't be needed if there was a redo
  • Filter favorite notes but would be better if it wasn't under a menu and instead a button on the main page
  • Sort by title, date created, modified, color
  • Dark theme
  • Backup and restore local
  • Categories
  • Trash bin


  • Backup and restore to Dropbox
  • Love the 12 note colors


  • They responded within an hour to my email
  • Speech to text to quickly create a note