Notepad Notes

Notepad Notes

A basic note taking app with simple font size and theme changer. The green-screen theme took me back to my early programming days with VT220 terminals. No image or audio attachments and no text formatting support but you can create folders and export notes to text or PDF.



  • No image attachments
  • No audio recording
  • Web site has no content, only a link to Play Store


  • No formatting
  • Wasn't obvious how to favorite a note
  • Couldn't find who the Developers are or any info about HLCSDev


  • Clean and fast UI
  • Undo and redo
  • 4 font sizes
  • Color code a note (9 colors x 3 brightness levels)
  • Shows date and time edited
  • Duplicate a note
  • Backup and restore all notes to file system
  • Share text version
  • Export to text file or PDF
  • Sort list by date added, modified, title, color, manual
  • Folders with "Favorites" which is just a pre-defined folder
  • The responded to my email thanking me for the feedback
  • Delete a note with a swipe
  • Recycle bin


  • Dark or light theme for the UI and theme per note
  • Password protection for each note
  • Cheap: remove ads for $3.99 but I didn't see any ads!
  • Auto backup


  • Cool mode switcher: white, grey, black, VT220 like
  • Super easy font size toggle