Notepad by sappalodapps

Notepad by sappalodapps

This app has too many ads which turned me off right out of the gate. It's privacy policy concerned me with the list of third parties they share info with.

It was interesting to see that the Developer / owner of the app also owns apps buyout which purchases Android apps and they have a lot. According to their site, they bought Notebook Free in 2016 and Simple Notepad in 2019.

Disclaimer: If I don't like the app, I don't spend a lot of time with it so there could be more "Good" features that I missed.


Why should I read a bad review?

Good question! If you're a Developer, maybe to learn from others' mistakes. If you're a note app user, you may be able to provide insights or feedback on my review if you see it differently. For example, in this case, the Play Store review gives the app 4.7* but I see it very differently. Did I miss something?



  • Creepy sharing with a whack of 3rd parties (see Privacy Policy)
  • Ads


  • No text formatting
  • No undo / redo
  • Ads on main list
  • No audio recording
  • No image attachments
  • No checklists
  • Don't need "Title:" label to know it's a title


  • Backup and restore locally
  • Backup and restore to Google Drive
  • Export to text file
  • Dark mode


  • Nothing so far


  • Nothing so far