Notes by Sourav

Notes by Sourav

I initially reviewed this app in November and sent the Developer my draft review but did not receive a reply. To make sure the review was current, I tried out his update just now and found a couple of improvements although a number of the gaps still exist. I like how simple the app is but there's just not enough features for it to be a useful note taking app and not having a Privacy Policy is a big issue. Hopefully they take the feedback into consideration and I look forward to trying it again in the future!


Thank you!

Thank you for subscribing to my updates and coming along for the ride. I'm enjoying the adventure and hope you find these reviews helpful in some way.  I have a ton of apps in the backlog, most I've tried and have yet to publish reviews on. As this is one of my hobbies I try to space out the reviews a bit to not overwhelm you and also so that I take some breaks. Please let me know how I can improve or if there's a specific app that you think I should review sooner. In the meantime, stay safe, enjoy life, and Go Canada Go! at the Olympics.



  • No privacy policy
  • Ads intermittently on the bottom of a note (used to be on top)
  • A little sluggish to load (faster than previous version)
  • No customization (one setting: Dark mode)
  • Developer did not reply to my email


  • On first launch it was running a tutorial and I didn't even know
  • Instead of "No Notes to Show", maybe "Click + to add your first note!"
  • No formatting
  • No bullets
  • No checklists
  • No password protection
  • No audio recording
  • The default yellow on grey is hard to read
  • Date and time at the top of the note is wasted space, could have another line in my notes if it was moved into a menu
  • Feature list in Play Store says "backup and restore notes from your google Drive" but I couldn't figure out how


  • No extra fluff
  • Export is nice and clean
  • Easy to attach images and puts them at the top
  • Reminder is simple and effective
  • Shows creation and last modified date in note list
  • Dark mode
  • Share via SMS (text only)
  • The note list looks good
  • Shows a preview of attached image in the note list


  • Attached images shown at the top of the note
  • Trash bin to be able to recover a deleted note


  • Simplicity