Notes v9.5.3 scores 9/10

Notes v9.5.3 scores 9/10

Notes is a great little app that costs under $5 and has oodles of functionality for that price. The UI is nice and clean, has useful help, and it's definitely worth the money.




  • can't select entire text (stops when it gets to a checkbox)
  • no audio recording
  • backups not encrypted
  • the toolbar of buttons gets cut off on my Samsung S20, looks odd


  • color pallet, I didn't know what it was coloring though :)
  • weird up/down buttons to move image inside the note
  • no labels
  • can't highlight text
  • attachment filenames are odd. Maybe allow to have a caption or name for each image


  • Type in title by default, thank you!
  • no ads inside a note
  • Quick 3 screen intro, smart
  • text formatting
  • undo and redo, phew
  • can password protect ("lock") a note
  • can show and hide the formatting toolbar
  • ability to move image inside the note (see Bad section)
  • add to home screen
  • easy to see what's deleted (trash)
  • good documentation / help
  • backup to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • synchronize to Dropbox (or Google Drive although I saw a note in the help saying that isn't supported?)


  • cheap $4.62
  • unlock the with fingerprint
  • nice surprise to see in help!
  • folders ("notebooks") and subfolders very easy to use
  • share includes the attachments
  • migrate to new device
  • print! which allows me to PDF, sweet!


  • [ ] yes, inline checkbox!
  • adds a "dash" for my next bullet :) *•* and has bullets too
  • OMG | tables | thank you!