Ruff notes

Ruff notes

Ruff received an award from @GoogleDesign and is worth the $5.64 bone I just threw to @mtrostyle . It's a great little note taking app unlike the hundreds of others out there, so much so that it twisted my mind at first: a one page note taking app?! Subscribe to read the full review, see screenshots and get emails of future app reviews.



Ruff is great for capturing quick thoughts or a daily journal. When you launch the app you're immediately taking notes. Done your day? Just stash the note away and start fresh tomorrow.

Why only a 6 out of 10 score? For me, I need to have markdown support (at least on export) and the ability to add images and audio recordings.

When I initially reviewed the app back in Sep and sent the feedback to the Developer, he actually responded with a nice note #kudos!


  • When I pasted my template text, it didn't include the "-"
  • Earlier version v2021.09.09 had an issue when clicking the ying/yang mode switcher which caused the app to disappear (only happened first time and hasn't happened on the current build)


  • Could not bold some words, weird
  • I stashed the initial note and now it says nothing is stashed, ugh. hasn't happened since
  • Paste would be good to show what's available on the clipboard
  • The icon is odd for a checkbox, standards are great so I guess ruff should have one too
  • Three dots ("...") means a bullet?
  • No export to markdown (.md) file format


  • Bent my mind a bit
  • Really nice default font Parse Grotesk Mono
  • Export to text (.txt) file
  • Simple button to quickly toggle font size
  • Simple button to quickly toggle weight of entire note
  • Formatting: bold, italic, underline, strike-through
  • Undo and redo
  • Bullets
  • Automatically adds '-' on next line when I hit enter, nice!
  • Widget that shows preview of note on home screen
  • Dark mode (default)
  • Three good fonts
  • 5 font sizes and 3 weights although bold is odd to me
    ☐ checkbox


  • Search within note


  • Privacy, doesn't store anything about me or my device