SilentNotes is a great, fast, Open-Source, secure, text-only note taking app that supports Markdown and tags and has many public cloud or private sync options. If it had image and audio attachments and sharing options it would be near the top of my list.




  • Cursor disappeared when creating a bullet
  • Background images make it look cheap. You can remove them via settings and use a solid color but those are too bright


  • Note colors are fugly, would prefer softer pastel colors
  • Not clear what the "..." (tag) menu is, just add the word "tags"?
  • No undo and redo
  • No export to Markdown
  • No share option
  • No attachments (audio, images, video)
  • Exported note files don't have title for filename


  • You can change the background color of the note list
  • A few sample notes that demonstrate the features
  • Note colors
  • Text formatting: bold, italics, strikethrough , code
Code block
  • 7 font sizes
  • Formatting bar
  • View only mode
  • Keep screen on
  • Recycle bin
  • Sync to FTP, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Nextcloud, GMX
  • Export to HTML files in a .zip file
  • Hyperlinks
  • Modified and created date in info screen
  • Checklists (separate items)
  • Numbered lists


  • Fast
  • Protect notes with password (in a "safe")
  • WebDAV support
  • Markdown support
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Tags on notes
  • Pin a note
  • Drag and drop notes in the note list
  • Change how much of the note is shown in the note list


  • Offline first
  • Free!
  • No ads!
  • Open Source (Mozilla Public License v. 2.0)
  • Encrypted notes: 3 modes (XChaCha20-Poly1305, AES256-GCM, Twofish256-GCM)