Smart Note v3.9.5 scores 7/10

Smart Note v3.9.5 scores 7/10

This app is fairly good and has some very good features like inline audio recording and playback, backup and restore to Google Drive, and the ability to expand (v) and collapse (^) notes on home screen. Make sure to subscribe to see the complete assessment.



  • too many full screen ads
  • finding trash and getting back to main list from trash is brutal
  • no formatting
  • no highlighting
  • no labels (prefer over categories)
  • when I share it doesn't attach the images, video, sound recordings
  • slow to start


  • checkboxes everything vs. allowing checkboxes with other text
  • "show some love" after adding first note. We just met, I don't love you yet!
  • the big check mark transition is cute the first time but not every time
  • expand and collapse still shown in card view but doesn't seem to do anything
  • can't color the cards or change color of category... finally noticed the small color card and that the card title changes color after choosing a category
  • a couple of widgets were odd, when I tried to add the widget it created a note?


  • Clean UI
  • Fast startup
  • super simple reminder
  • easy to add category from within note
  • checkbox support
  • Fast simple text share
  • really nice audio recording, adds to the bottom
  • add video is easy, get a nice little preview
  • ad on main page not inside the notes, thank you!
  • backup and restore to Google Drive
  • auto backup to Google Drive but doesn't say when it will do the backup
  • using Android back button saves, phew!
  • create voice recording, note from Android notification list. Cool and annoying at the same time


  • nice widget, thanks for suggesting it when I saved my second note
  • audio playback right in the note!
  • able to add multiple images at once
  • expand (v) and collapse (^) notes on home screen
  • grid view was a nice surprise! Personally I would want that as my default