Transno v2.32.0-beta scores 8/10

Transno v2.32.0-beta scores 8/10

Even though it has a few major bugs Transno gets a high score because it has some great features like instant mindmap, import mindmap files, inline images, links between notes, nice tag implementation, and outlining. Subscribe to see the entire review of this and many other Android note taking apps.



  • Error when going to the upgrade screen
  • When I went to add heading (H1), it asked me to login or signup


  • Has undo and redo but in "..." menu
  • Not able to add recorded audio inline
  • No widget
  • Export to Word and PDF failed


  • Very snappy
  • Add photos
  • Templates to start out with
  • Grid and list view of notes
  • Font formatting including colors, bold, italic, underline, headings, strikethrough


  • Dark mode
  • Indent
  • Can share via Web (but no authentication yikes!) Link:
  • Show and hide sections
  • Images inline
  • Import
  • Sync (although I don't know where)
  • Was able to start using without an account
  • Save as template
  • Drag and drop bullets
  • Notes inline​


  • #easybutton #tags #labels oh my g*d
  • View as mindmap!
  • Updates shared Web page as I edit the notes
  • Export to Word, PDF, long or multiple images
  • Multiselect
  • Inline link to other docs