WeNote v3.6.4 scores 7/10

WeNote v3.6.4 scores 7/10

When I see this app in my list I think to myself "it's just a wee note"! Bottom line this app would be an 8/10 if it didn't cost so much for what you get. Lots of functionality but charging $8.99 for undo and redo just put me off. Here's a wee and free sneak preview and please subscribe to see the full review!



  • $36.99 for all features (?)
  • $8.99 for undo / redo!
  • $8.99 for search!
  • $6.49 / mo for cloud


  • I went to attach audio and got a long menu of upgrades
  • "check" strikes through the whole note, very odd
  • Locked a note with Pin but then asked me for fingerprint to unlock, flashed the PIN screen but I didn't need to enter a pin and it showed the note, smells like a bug
  • Checkboxes is all or nothing, not inline with other content
  • No text formatting
  • Underlines the current word even if spelled correctly


  • 12 background colors
  • Remembers the last color choice when you create the next note, nice touch!
  • Labels / folders
  • Nice card view on main page
  • Attach image, take photo
  • Attach recorded audio
  • Attach drawing
  • Puts image at the top
  • Shows preview of image on main card
  • Pin note to the top
  • Checkboxes
  • I like the tabs at the top
  • Autosync to Google Drive
  • Lots of themes
  • Can change font style and size
  • Can have narrower lines
  • Automatic backups, export to .zip file


  • Lined rows
  • 5 views on main page! Grid, compact grid, list, compact list, flexible grid (beta)
  • Audio recording is very easy to use and doesn't take up much visual space on the note
  • Lock a note with a Pin, pattern, or password
  • Share shares attachments (except audio) and text
  • Four attachment quality settings to control storage


  • Re-order the items on the grid